Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is an individualized experience that can dramatically improve the quality of professional life. Pivotal Leadership Coaching will use reflective questioning techniques that will build highly effective communication skills, strengthen leadership qualities, and create goals and action plans to support leadership growth aligned to organizational goals.

Leadership Coaching Process:

  • Coaching orientation: Conducted in a virtual or face-to-face setting. This orientation is roughly an hour in length and intended to prepare coaches for what to expect with the leadership coaching calls and experience.
  • Leadership coach matching
  • Schedule and conduct calls

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Coaching Skills for Leaders workshop

This one-day workshop for administrators, instructional coaches, and teacher leaders provides skills, tools, and practice in influencing improvement through a coaching approach. With current emphasis on collaboration and teacher conferencing, leaders are most effective when they provide honest feedback and promote deep reflection on instructional practice. This workshop focuses on embedding the essential skills of coaching in professional conversations to enhance communication with teachers, parents, and other stakeholders. Leaders will learn and practice skills to engage teachers to initiate their own targeted goals and to provide potentially difficult feedback that will be received constructively.

Leaders will develop their skills of:

  • Listening objectively to uncover all factors and considerations
  • Promoting open communication while diffusing strong emotion
  • Being responsive to and acknowledge other viewpoints
  • Staying on message and refocusing conversations on targeted goals
  • Building problem-solving capacity in others
  • Creating rapport and strengthening work relationships
  • Shifting contentious or ego-driven personalities

Leaders who incorporate a coaching stance in their work discover the potential to elevate organizational culture, deepen school-wide conversations, and build trust among staff.

For information on pricing, please contact April Briscoe at april.briscoe@esc13.txed.net or Rachel Simic at Rachel.simic@esc13.txed.net

If you would like to contract for leadership coaching services, Region 13 Leadership Coaching Team suggests a recommended minimum of 8 contracted hours. This is to ensure that the coaches and coachees have ample amount of time to work towards the established goals and implement change.

To sign up or learn more about leadership coaching, contact: April Briscoe - april.briscoe@esc13.txed.net